Magento 2 Reward Points Extensions - Loyalty Program System

Magento 2 Reward Points Extension is a powerful loyalty program, loyalty system to enhance the customer experience on your store by earning and spending unlimited reward points.

Magento 2 Reward Points extension is called as the awesome Loyalty Program to every Magento store owners. The program is the encouragement solution in order that customers feel ready and comfortable for spending more money on next orders.

You can give fixed X points to customers or X points for every Y amount of price or X points for every Y amount of profits. Particularly, get a number of points when they:

Buy products

Magento 2 Reward Points Extension enables your customers to receive points after any purchasing is completed. However, they need to get all required conditions about shopping cart and catalogue for earning you set up in the back-end. The rules is based on subtotal, quantity items in cart, billing, shipping address, categories, SKU,... and each rule will be assigned to different customer groups as well as stores. A customer group/ store is applied one or more earning rules which are active depending on their priority. Especially, you should offer the expiration of reward points and point expiration email reminder function will motivate customers to spend more.

Register a new account

A short sentences for rewarding of sign up is very smart way to drive more traffics to your site, simultaneously, expand a list of potential customers. For example, “earn 10 points for registering an account” is placed beneath “Login or create an account” line. This is the first step to create loyal customers and new repeat purchases.

Reach milestone event

Milestone plugin is the advanced module allowing you to create many lifetime events such as orders, referrals, or length of membership. Its aim is moving customers into higher group with many greater benefits until they meet the required conditions of lifetime event. Transfer from Silver Group to Gold Group or Gold to Platinum. The Milestone add-on is a great way to create a Tiered Loyalty Program.


Beside, customers can subscribe newsletter, refer friends, review and rate products,... to get more and more points. The fantastic functionality that is surely impressing on your customers is using point as payment method for your exact products you approve. Or the customers can transfer points to their friends. It is interesting gifts while you will expand awareness of your brand via their existing relationship. Customers’ point transactions are allowed easily import in CSV file format directly to Reward Points system.

Admin have rights to generate a bulk of Reward Coupon codes, then set for websites and customers group in the same way to Magento default shopping cart feature. The clients will apply it for paying or also send similarly to points with logo, notes, title color, text color, background color and background image to any forms they like via email.

All of Loyalty Program data will be summarized reported on the chart in the back-end. Enable to have a look with Spending/Earning Ratio, Earnings Distribution, A loyal customer cost and Total Points, thus store owners can track in detail and evaluate the effectiveness objectively.

According to Bain and Co. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%, therefore, the Loyalty Program is the tool creating lifetime customer circle so that you are always the first and best person satisfying customer’s need.


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