Magento 2 Promotional Gift extension

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This is an example for promotion solution your store should own in order to boost sales quickly and effectively. However, with Magento Promotional Gift extension, the promotion is not only pure text on the website, and instead of that, beautiful banners will be created by design, colors, images,.... The eye-catching banners is very awesome tools to attract customers to promotion product page.

There are three main factors so that the extension makes promotion banner become attractive to visitors going to your store.

Many positions to place banners

In the back-end of Promotional Gift, admin will see many banner positions such as product page, category page,.... However, you also need to consider the best one to place, which is easy to pick up for customers, thus, the result is greater than expectation. The banners can be image or HTML text depending on you strategy.

Set display rule flexibly

Allow setting multiple catalog rules and shopping cart rules with different conditions. The conditions are about product attributes (category, color,...), cart attributes (shipping method, payment method, subtotal,...). As soon as meeting all required conditions, the corresponding promotion banner is appear and customer can get it.

Set date expiration

The necessary point you must remember is giving the time period when rules are active. The scarcity is always amazing factor to successful promotion program.

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