Magento 2 Order Export extension

Magento 2 Order Export extension

It is necessary to provide the safety of your Magento 2 data from the loss and distortion which is cared seriously to any business. Moreover, you also should own an powerful software in order to manage whole information of order systemically. Magento 2 Order Export extension is great and safe solution to export the data from one Magento 2 store to another.

The order’s data will be exported in detail with the following information:

  • Order information: Status, Placement Date, Shipping Method and Payment Method
  • Product info: ID product, Name, SKU, Quantity, Price, Options, ...
  • Billing info: Name, Email, Telephone, Address

With these details, you as seller will follow exactly the given order, simultaneously, your customers can validate again the received products whether they are right to the previous offers. Especially, if you have use the third -party to ship, the errors rate within shipping process is the lowest, such as wrong shipping address, lack of the number or goods,....

Managing order task requires certain development knowledge, time and efforts, but the extension, allowing your online store connect to almost any CRM, ERP, Order management software/platform, Warehouse, drop-shipping or shipping system, is wonderful assistance to all Magento 2 store when it has many highlight features:

  • Many data for exporting: orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos
  • Ability to export to CSV, XML (Excel) files.
  • Support Cronjob inside Magento 2 Admin to remote running export profile.
  • Save to unlimited destination: local Magento 2, FTP or send email.
  • Automatically update last order export, last invoice exported
  • Ability to export all available field or selected fields, you can customize exported field names as you want.
  • Support to create unlimited number of profiles which have different settings: file format, scheduled time, and can run cron job or remote running url…
  • Support export custom product attributes such as custom options.
  • With smart profile configuration, profile can remember exported orders, invoice to avoid duplicate exported data
  • Ability to change the order status after exporting orders.


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