Magento 2 Full Page Cache Extension

Why do you need to focus on improving website speed and page load time?

Why do you need to focus on improving website speed and page load time?

Let’s image! How do you feel when access to slow process of any website? May be uncomfortable and angry. The only thing you do after that is come over other site in order to find more professions. Therefore, that is the main reason why Magento 2 Full Page Cache extension is created and favorite for all Magento 2 store owners.

There is a statistic showing that using Full Page Cache helps generate/load the home HTML in 0,06 seconds, 9 times less load on the Web server(s), 0,3 seconds to fully load the page (instead of 2,5). Full Page Cache is seemed to be both technology solution and great marketing tool to e-commerce shop. Be awesome technology solution when the extension owns a list of helpful features:

  • Better full page cache for Magento 2
  • Fully custom cache by actions, helpers
  • Provide Block caching management
  • Custom block caching capability
  • Automatically Intelligence learning Blocks
  • .htaccess configuration: Etags, Compression, Expire headers
  • Get Full Page Cache (a different version from the EE one), even on CE version
  • CDN fully support
  • Configuration clean catalog cache on each order.

Thanks to the outstanding features, you are always ready to provide the best service for your customers. If you don’t install FPC extension, the required pages are generated constantly as the first time displaying. The process of showing will occur in more 3 seconds which is too long for customer’s waiting. However, with Magento 2 FPC, when a visitor comes to any page of your website, the extension already has a ready page to serve. Because the copy of page was saved into cache before and it will appear when having request.

Summary, all benefits also make customers feel satisfied and the further is encouraging them to buy many products. That means you can gain more revenue if the site is speeded up correctly. Thus, it is said that Full Page Cache extension is fantastic marketing tool.

Magento 2 full page cache


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