You are running a Magento 2 store and you are having a huge trouble in reduce abandonment rate that is too high to develop your business effectively. Let’s take it easy with Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Mageplaza.

What is conversion rate?

The conversion rate will show you that when a number of visitors come to your website, how many percents of visitors are interested in your product and create successful purchase. Hence, the conversion rate is an important index to evaluate the result of your business. Reaching a good conversion rate means that you are managing the ecommerce business in the right direction. Under my point of view, normally, the average of the conversion rate you or any online retailers should be about 2% to 5% of the visitor amount. However, the strategy improves your current situation need to be studied carefully.

What is conversion rate

In this topic, we will discuss the solution for some of the websites which are running on Magento 2 platform. As you see, how many factors are there you can keep your customers stay with you, how many reasons are there they ready to leave you if you can’t bring the best conditions as their expectation. And meanwhile, the influence of the checkout process counts for over 50%, that causes the increasing of the shopping cart abandonment as well as the reduction of conversion rate. Because the complex process takes too much time to finish. In summary, right now, the checkout process improvement is the first must-have thing to assist you to achieve the higher conversion rate quickly.

Which Magento 2 One Step Checkout features are coming?

One step checkout Magento 2 module is the advanced tool you are really finding in order to resolve the existing troubles related to the conversion rate. Having a glance at the checkout form, you can point out a special thing to the default module is showing all checkout information on only one page with the clear arrangement. I believe that with this outstanding trait, there is no worry about the checkout time. That is the friendly interface, but all we will see what does Magento 2 One Page Checkout provide when approaching online customers.

Divided into two kind of the online customers you need to focus on one by one: New and Return customers.

New customers checkout

Put yourself into newer’s foots and feel when coming to a strange checkout page. You will have to shout out “Damn it!” because of shown a huge amount of data you must fill in before you own any desired item. Of course, you are annoying your new customers by the complication and time-consuming process instead of making a good impression. Simple, quick and understandable process are necessary now.

Starting with Magento 2 One step checkout solution,

  • There is no more step of creating a new account because your new customers will register right on the checkout page with an extra password field. The one step checkout system will auto-save that account information.

magento 2 one step checkout

  • The checkout process only requires some of the essential information that is helpful for them including Billing Information, Payment & Shipment, and Price.

magento 2 one step checkout

Applying the automation to fasten the checkout process thanks to Google Address Suggestion, Instant Loading, and Auto-update. All of them are featured plugin in Magento 2 One Step Checkout.

Return customers checkout

If the new customers need the simple and fast process, to most of the return customers, the convenience when they come back to your store is the principal key. It is impossible if you ask them to enter their information like name or address each time they want to checkout.

Being aware of this fact as a weakness by many checkout modules outside, Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension allows automatically detecting the return customer’s account if the existing email address is entered. Right after, the return customers can sign in instantly, then all information from the account and all required fields on the checkout page will be auto-synchronized without any manual typing.

Using One Step Checkout module for checkout process will be improved better in expected speed, that will prompt every client to purchase more in the future regardless new customers or return customers. Thus, due to making all kind of the online customers satisfied, Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension is worthy to consider as the best choice.

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